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Nick's album cover...wowzas!!
Sorry it's blurry...deal with it

Wow this has got be some sort of record or something - less than 15 days between updates! Haha no actually there WAS a time when it was almost daily...sad I've become a lazy bum...oh well!
*I cannot stress this enough...please please please DO NOT email me saying that I'm mean or cruel. Calm down, obviously if I didn't love the Boys more than anything else in the world, I wouldn't dedicate my extra time to running a site devoted to them and their *AWESOME* fans!
*You can also link this site at www.backstreetcensor.2ya.com if that's easier to remember for some people. (I'm pretty sure that link works, it hasn't been for some people, so if it doesn't for you please notify me.)
*It seems as though 3/5 of our Boys are doing solo material now! At Wango Tango, Howie made the announcement that he will be doing an English/Spanish album to hopefully be released late this year/early 2004. Also, Brian and Leighanne called into an Atlanta radio station earlier this week (05/26) and Brian said that he is ALSO working on a solo album! His material will mainly be pop and gospel - how exciting! Our already-solo-Boy, Nick will probably be going back into the studio to record ANOTHER album by himself, we'll be anticipating all these new projects involving our Boys, and look forward to the new solo material that will hopefully keep us patient until the group gets back together next year sometime. Good luck, Boys, with all your endeavors! We all support you 100% and love you!
*Keep voting for this site at the Top 10 BSB Sites Of 2003 - however you all do that, seeing as how I don't have a banner anywhere...*ponder* that's weird...oh well I'm currently in 9th place, which I'm definitely NOT complaining about! Thanks to all those who have already voted and keep it up!
*Congrats to the Boys for "Millennium" being the best selling album by a boy band EVER! -From Guinness Book of World Records 2003 (even though the term 'boy band' could be substituted with other things but lets not get into that...)
*Recently, Backstreet fans were hit with the news that AJ and Sarah are not getting married, due to certain circumstances. I am hopeful that a good majority of the Backstreet/AJ fans will agree with me when I say that I wish Sarah good luck in the future with her record contract with Dreamworks and I know all Backstreet fans will believe me when I say AJ will find the right person for him, and we all have faith in you and love you.
*Also recently, we were all shocked when we found out that Backstreet would NOT be going back into the studio to record another album, as they had said. Not many details are known, nor will many details probably be released to the public, but evidentally the lawsuit was a big part of it. Don't worry everyone, Backstreet WILL be back, just have faith and let them work things out. Just KTBSPA and show your love!!

This is my FAVORITE picture of Brian, I love how his eyes are the same color as the background! Hot!

UPDATED: 06*05*03

I am in no way affiliated with the Backstreet Boys, their wives, girlfriends, families, charities, etc...(Though I wish I was!! That'd be sweet!)

Leighanne, Brian's wife
What? No you're not gorgeous, and I'm not jealous of you in the least...

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